Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hipster Puppies is making a book! Your pupster could be in it!

The patient, valorous heroes at NAL/Penguin have agreed to turn my humble dog blog into an actual, real-life, hold-it-in-your-paws book! For anyone under 25, a “book” is just like a Tumblr, except you can keep it on your toilet tank. The working title of the book is Hipster Puppies—although I’m pushing my publishers really, really hard to call it Slight Rebellion Off Cornish: The Unpublished Short Stories Of J.D. Salinger.

I need all of your best, funniest, cutest, hippest, puppiest puppy pics for Hipster Puppies: The Book!

Start sending them NOW to: hipsterpupbook@gmail.com You should know that by sending me this photo you are giving me the license to use it in all media and for all purposes. If you have already sent a pup to the old email account, PLEASE feel free to submit it again! Also, if you wish to receive a photo credit, please make that request with your submission and state how the credit should read.


Technical specs…
Making a glossy book for snooty bookstore people requires a much higher quality of photo than throwing random shit up on my goofy Tumblr. So please make sure you are sending high-resolution photos and not a blurry iPhone snap of Mr. Boots struggling to wiggle out of a scarf.

• Use a digital camera, not a camera phone. Photos should be 300dpi or greater. In short: Send me big files! The bigger the better!

• No weird sizes or crops. Photo should be in the dimensions of 5” x 8” or 6” x 9” at 300 dpi. These are standard Flickr-sized photos, so your photos are probably already this size.

• I need TALL photos, not looooong photos. That means VERTICAL!

Please include a photo credit! Tell me exactly how you would want your name listed in the book, even if it’s just your initials.

• Please tell me the name of your pup! I use their names too!

What makes a good pupster pic?
There is a complicated and precise alchemy used to curate the best pupster pics. Having seen about a billion submissions, I’ve found that following these guidelines make for the very finest ones! Following these suggestions will greatly increase your pup’s shot at fame.

• Make sure there’s something in the photo that signifies the dog as a hipster. Whether it’s as simple as a pair of glasses or as complicated as a custom-made spandex neon body suit. A shih tzu in a santa hat is not going to cut it, no matter how many times you insist that he is actually listening to Serenah Maneesh and discussing Proust.

• Get close up!

• No humans in the photo. Humans are kind of distracting and are traditionally less cute than a puppy. The only exception is if the dog is interacting with a person in a funny or unique way—maybe partying together, having an argument, or cuddling on the couch at a dive bar while Vivian Girls finish a set?

• No leashes. I’ve found that leashes quickly turn the dog from “hipster” into “pet.” True hipster puppies are unbound from the shackles of both society and their owners, man.

• No cats. Seriously, fuck cats.

What’s in it for you?
If we end up using your photo for the Hipster Puppies book, here’s what you can expect in return.

• A free copy of the book, signed by the author!

• A hand-made, very limited-edition mixtape lovingly curated by your humble editor. I haven’t decided whether it’s going to be on CD-R or cassette since I’m still waiting to see how this “revival of tape culture” thing plays out. But I guarantee it will be pretty, fun to display, fun to play and will feature lots of the hipster-friendly, possibly Brooklyn-centric music that I often enjoy.

• Fame for your furry friend! Imagine the ability to pull out something with a Library Of Congress catalog number, point to page 85 and say, “That’s my Noodles!”  Also, if you requested a photo credit, it will be in there too in case they don’t believe you.

Other important things to know…

• Obviously I won’t be able to use every dog photo I’m getting! Please don’t feel bad if your pup doesn’t make the cut. If your photo is selected, I will notify you before the book’s release.

• Don’t worry about supplying your own caption. I’ll take care of all of those.

• There is no better job in the world than looking at cute dog photos all day. So, thank you all so much for making my life a little fuzzier.

Again, send your pupster photos to hipsterpupbook@gmail.com



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